On women challenges (25/10/2012)


 When  25 October  2012

 Where   Euromed Project Ghor al Mazraa

 Topic  Women and their challenges in the society

 Description of event : The topic focused on the obstacles, challenges and the stories of young women facing gender inequality in Jordan, and regionally in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The team and representatives from NGOs plus the local community in Ghor Al Mazraa participated in this FADFED event

 Number of participants 

 Number of Comments   35     Number of white sheets : 5

 Featured Comments :

Suggestions were given how to improve the lives of women in local communities in Jordan:

–          Education

–          Open discussions

–          Let the royal family live here for five days

–          More funds: financial help with health care

–          I need a building to live in with my family

–          Because the women are working at the ranch, the children are left alone and grow up without any parental care.

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On women leadership (7/10/2012)


 When  7 october  2012

 Where   Cumerc Global thinker Forum/ Amman

 Topic  Leadership of women

 Description of event : Several high profile guests participated in FadFed and had the British Ambassador and Kharabeesh cartoonist Omar Al Abdallat write and draw.

 Number of participants  100

 Number of Comments  70     Number of white sheets : 10

 Featured Comments :

Common short answers to the question “In your opinion, why are women still held back from achieving equal rights in the Mideast?” were:

–          Closed minds

–          Society’s restrictions

–          Culture

–          Patriarchal societies

–          Religion


 Photos   on.fb.me/ ZwRIzv


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