A better Jordan: CSOs views

 When  4 October 2015

  Where  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Amman

  Topic  A better Jordan: CSOs views

 Description of the event    On Sunday the FADFED team organised a FADFED activity to contribute to the Civil Society Knowledge Forum II: “Assessing progress …  Advancing change” held by USAID and fhi 360. The participants represented 100 NGOs working to make Jordan a better place. They came together to exchange ideas, share experiences and reflect in order to improve their commitment to the change of Jordan.

The event started with our FADFED to get everybody in the right mood and inspire the participants to think of change and how it can be achieved. We provided three questions on what should be changed in Jordan, what obstacles the participants and their organizations face and how they can overcome these obstacles. During the event we analysed the answers and at the end of the day Sami, the founder of Leaders of Tomorrow, presented the data.

“The variety of people involved in the event also shows in the variety of answers”, says Chris, the new intern of Leaders of Tomorrow, who was also involved in the analysis of the data. Anyway here are some of the most significant findings: When it comes to what to change about Jordan the participants laid great emphasis on education, participation of the civil society and the improving of values. They see obstacles in the bureaucracy, the funding of their work and problems with their target group. Better networking between the different organizations and the inclusion of the civil society are seen as important strategies to face the obstacles. Once again we could show how inspiring and helpful the FADFED method is. Chris, whose first time it was being part of a FADFED event, resumes: “Being there and seeing the people enthusiastically writing was great and very interesting.”

 Number of participants    59   Number of comments  178

Number of white sheets  12

 Featured comments 




FADFED 04/10/2015

On society violence (3/10/2013)

 When  4 October 2013

  Where    Amman, Rainbow Street

 Topic    Social reasons of violence in jordanian society

 Description of the event   : A lot of people joined this FADFED event and most of them were really interested to express them feelings and opinions trough markers and papers. The issue of violence has been very popular within the groups who wrote on the papers and thanks to an amazing cartoonist exhibition we had good discussion withs participants. The attendance of the cartoonist gave us more visibility and good media coverage permitted to say that has been a successful FADFED event. For the entire event we had at the same time FADFED initiative, FADFED exhibition and FADFED visual message that involved more than 500 people in Rainbow Str.

 Number of participants    500

 Number of comments    +350

 Number of white sheets   : 50

 Featured comments   

- Start the change Be active members in the community we are the bright future of the nation and what we do will reflect on the community to initiate the elevation

- Tribal is not one of the causes of violence, but the bad usage of it.Tribal was the solution for the problems that the law can not solve.

- Not mix at the university is a retro of the reasons for that is the cause of violence in Jordan

- The environment and society is a major cause of the growth of violence within the community

 Photos   http://urly.it/29ls


On censorship (30-8-2012)



 When  30 August 2012

 Where   Rainbow Street

 Topic  Censorship and internet restriction

 Description of event : “Are you with and against blocking the websites” was the question asked. The topic was an excellent FADFED question: it was 50% – 50% in terms of for and against. People were really debating.

 Number of participants  300+

 Number of Comments   200+     Number of white sheets : 30

 Featured Comments :

-Instead of censoring websites, we should be censoring the House of Representatives

– Yes we should block all websites that simply affects morality (=porn websites).

– I know how to protect myself, I don’t need anyone to protect me.

– In the beginning websites are blocked, but we will end up limiting our freedoms.


On Fuel prices (28/6/2012)


 When  28 June  2012

 Where   Rainbow Street/ Amman

 Topic  Your opinion about the rise of fuel price

 Description of event : The discussions were heated and many people were excited to share their opinion on the matter. All in all, hundreds of young and old, from Iraq to India, from East and West Amman, rich and poor, wrote on the white sheets and shared their opinions.

 Number of participants  500

 Number of Comments   357     Number of white sheets : 51

 Featured Comments :

–        I am not able to find a cheap tomb / grave

–       A tank full of fuel is better than a million in the bank

–       The most precious place in Jordan … is a gas station

 Photos   http://on.fb.me/UCHnlE