On behavior (27/7/2013)


 When  27 July  2013

 Where   Rainbow Street, Amman

 Topic   Social behaviors during Ramadan

 Description of event :

 Number of participants  500+

 Number of Comments 406   Number of white sheets : 58

 Featured Comments 

-Some people fast for the people and not for God

-I mean frankly, the behavior of people in Ramadan like you ask me about the Jordanian regime and what it did for the Jordanian people

-in Ramadan you are the demon of yourself


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On behavior (26/7/2012)


 When  26 July  2012

 Where   Rainbow Street/ Amman

 Topic  Behavior during Ramadan

 Description of event : The topic is sensitive as there are a lot of expectations surrounding how to behave during Ramadan (and how people behave in contrast outside of the month of Ramadan).

 Number of participants  500

 Number of Comments   406     Number of white sheets : 58

 Featured Comments :

–          You don’t fast and you can stand us easily.

–          If you feel angry all the time, just eat.

–          If you are unable to make us happy then I am not in a sour mood.

–          Mom, what are you cooking?

–          Everyone who is working is not fasting.

–          The university in Ramadan is really tired.

 Photos   on.fb.me/TJgKHv