On participatory democracy (13/11/2013)

 When  13 November 2013

 Where  Intercontinental Hotel, Amman

 Topic  Participatory democracy

 Description of the event  We’ve been invited to the conference about participatory democracy to organize a live democracy exercise where people had the possibility to express themselves on main topics of the event. A team of 6 volunteers attend the conference and got involved in creating the right circumstances to have good comments for the final analysis, presented the day after. At the end all participants were satisfied and convinced of this new democracy way of expression.

 Number of participants    20

 Number of comments    40

 Number of white sheets  8

 Featured comments 

-  The challenges to involve citizens in an active Public participation in Jordan is to be able to communicate with decision-makers

- Prioritizing sectors in citizens involvement should be according to needs

- The ignorance of the meaning of democracy and public participating between citizens is a big challenge in Jordan

 Photos  http://goo.gl/VoUQu1



On parliamentary elections (13/1/2013)


 When  13 January  2013

 Where   Hangar Gallery in Ras Al Ain, Amman

 Topic  Parliamentary elections

 Description of event : In total over 800 participants were present during both days of whom many wrote their comments and ideas.

 Number of participants  800

 Number of Comments       Number of white sheets :

 Featured Comments :

 Photos  here



On elections (28/9/2012)


 When  28 sept 2012

 Where   Paris Circle / Weibdeh

 Topic   On elections

 Description of event 

Number of participants  150+

 Number of Comments   100     Number of white sheets :145

 Featured Comments :

–        No one deserves my vote.

–        Did I look carefully into the initiative you share with me? The most important is the House of Representatives.

–        I will not vote because I did it before and that time it was useless.

–        I ought to vote, while the House of Representatives is a fraud.