On fuel prices/2 (29/11/2012)


 When  29 November  2012

 Where   Rainbow Street/ Amman

 Topic  Rise of fuel prices

 Description of event : This FADFED event followed a DIWANIEH event, where the first official public debate was held in Jordan. FADFED followed the discussion what was a perfect set-up. People were more than ready to write down their opinions and ideas on the issue, where we had even the speakers and moderator write out their thoughts.  It was a very inspirational event.

 Number of participants  500

 Number of Comments   364     Number of white sheets : 52

 Photos   http://on.fb.me/SUPxlq




On Fuel prices (28/6/2012)


 When  28 June  2012

 Where   Rainbow Street/ Amman

 Topic  Your opinion about the rise of fuel price

 Description of event : The discussions were heated and many people were excited to share their opinion on the matter. All in all, hundreds of young and old, from Iraq to India, from East and West Amman, rich and poor, wrote on the white sheets and shared their opinions.

 Number of participants  500

 Number of Comments   357     Number of white sheets : 51

 Featured Comments :

–        I am not able to find a cheap tomb / grave

–       A tank full of fuel is better than a million in the bank

–       The most precious place in Jordan … is a gas station

 Photos   http://on.fb.me/UCHnlE