New t-shirt FADFED Team

The FADFED team worked hard this week on finalising the new design of the t-shirt of the FADFED team.

During new events, all team members will wear the recognisable green t-shirts with on the front side the logo and the the hashtag to follow FADFED on Twitter.

The back-side shows some of the best, funniest and memorable comments that were made in 2012. Thumbs up for the new t-shirts!


t-shirt back fadfed

t-shirt fadfed

On Identity (31/5/2012)


 When  31 May  2012

 Where   Rainbow Street/ Amman

 Topic  Identity of the people living in Amman

 Description of event : Thousands of people crammed to see what others wrote, were eager to share their opinions. Rainbow Street was blocked for hours, with cars stopping and their drivers getting out to write, and simply hundreds of people swirling around the booths.

 Number of participants  1500+

 Number of Comments   1400    Number of white sheets : 175

 Featured Comments :

  • Throughout the day one sees the glooming faces and grimaces of Jordanians
  • Be Jordanian: sell your car, and buy a camel if gasoline gets too pric
  • Home is where we live; protect it with our lives.