On parliamentary elections (13/1/2013)


 When  13 January  2013

 Where   Hangar Gallery in Ras Al Ain, Amman

 Topic  Parliamentary elections

 Description of event : In total over 800 participants were present during both days of whom many wrote their comments and ideas.

 Number of participants  800

 Number of Comments       Number of white sheets :

 Featured Comments :

 Photos  here



On elections (1/11/2012)


 When  1 Novembre  2012

 Where   Rainbow Street/ Amman

 Topic  Elections

 Description of event : We went back to Rainbow Street to target as many people as possible. Because we expected a higher turnout, we made sure we had seven people in our team to facilitate the discussion on paper.

 Number of participants  250+

 Number of Comments   203    Number of white sheets : 29

 Featured Comments :

–          I will not vote until the electoral law is amended for the better.

–          I will not vote because no one deserves it

–          I am going to vote, so I chose someone who better represents me

–          I wish that the House of Representatives are genuinely elected, and not appointed.

–          I will not vote because the parliamentarians are already chosen before I even vote.

 Photos   on.fb.me/ZMRZNT





On elections (28/9/2012)


 When  28 sept 2012

 Where   Paris Circle / Weibdeh

 Topic   On elections

 Description of event 

Number of participants  150+

 Number of Comments   100     Number of white sheets :145

 Featured Comments :

–        No one deserves my vote.

–        Did I look carefully into the initiative you share with me? The most important is the House of Representatives.

–        I will not vote because I did it before and that time it was useless.

–        I ought to vote, while the House of Representatives is a fraud.