On Diversity (9/8/2012)



 When  9 August  2012

 Where   Festival Amman Fe Ramadan

 Topic  Diversity and pluralism: what’s your opinion?

 Description of event : Our FADFED event was held on a night that a famous singer Ahat performed, what resulted in thousands of people gathering that evening for entertainment. We were able to talk to the crowd before his performance for 5 minutes to tell about FADFED and invited everyone over. Even the famous singer ended up sharing his thoughts on the topic of that evening “Diversity”.

 Number of participants  200+

 Number of Comments   161     Number of white sheets : 23

 Featured Comments :

– My dad is from Jordan, my mom from Palestine, should I hate my mom?
– Diversity is blending personalities, minds and spirits.
– I want to get married.

 Photos   on.fb.me/XackPD