On Press Law (4/7/2013)


 When  4 July  2013

 Where    Roman Theatre – downtown, Amman, JO

 Topic  New Press and Publication Law in Jordan

 Description of event : …………..

 Number of participants  300+

 Number of Comments 231   Number of white sheets : 33

 Featured Comments 

-Because it has become in the media a lot of exaggeration in the selection of the information on the Internet 50% true and 50% of it cause strife

-No for restrictions on websites

-I’m with press law Every profession needs to organized and organization is not derogation of freedom


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On violence and drugs (5/2013)


 When  May 2013

 Where    Ajloun

 Topic  On violence and drugs

 Description of event : …………..

 Number of participants  500+

 Number of Comments 371   Number of white sheets :53

 Featured Comments 

-Drug attacking communities so we have to resist and absorb addicted to reformation

-smile to better life without drugs

-my country is better without drugs


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