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FADFED is a slang Arabic word  means “Let it out”. It is an initiative of the social entrepreneur Dr. Sami Hourani, started in 2010 and operating under Leaders of Tomorrow youth organization. The story began after a successful campaign to creatively document 2010 parliamentary elections in Jordan caller “Rayeh Antakheb” or “Im going to Vote”. Dr. Hourani had the idea of putting white papers and distribute markers in the streets, public spaces, university campuses and youth centers all over Jordan.


The campaign team encouraged people to freely express their opinion on 2010 elections by writing or drawing it on white papers in the streets. It also aimed to give the opportunity to people at the grassroots level to get involved in political and social talks. Six-moths later, Sami came up with “FADFED” as a name for the initiative and crystalized the idea to be a research, public polling, evaluation and strengthening accountability tool.


He added social media component, where all writings and drawings go live through Twitter and Facebook. Decision makers and experts started to get targeted tweets and Facebook messages on FADFED monthly topics. People’s opinions got documented. Challenging the status quo, in which political and social activism rarely took place in pubic arenas; being limited to fancy hotels, closed venues, political saloons or the houses of decision makers. FADFED could break the taboo and the Jordanian people fear to express themselves freely in public. FADFED team faced several challenges, the security apparatus never dealt with such cases. People in the street are afraid and not used to give their genuine opinion and document it on a paper in front of everyone. however they went to the street, put their white papers, distributed the markers and creatively documented people’s genuine opinion on contentious political and social topics.