Banning Argileh in Public spaces

 When  30 January 2014

 Where  Ras Al Ain Hungar, Amman

 Topic  Banning Argileh in Public spaces

 Description of the event  We organized a FADFED activity in Ras Al Ain Hangar last month, simultaneously with the Huge event of Diwanieh ” public debate” which addressed the topic of banning argileh in public spaces, where decision makers and political party members took part and shared their influential opinions on our fadfed white sheets in Ras al Ain Hangar

 Number of participants    100

 Number of comments    150

 Number of white sheets  30

 Featured comments 

-  There will never be a substitute for Argileh; ever.

- I don’t smoke shisha or cigarettes, but i’m completely against banning this law.

- Why don’t they ban Argileh and Night clubs; both at the same time.

 Photos  DSC_0049