International Volunteer Day

 When  5 December 2013

 Where  Ras Al Ain Hungar, Amman

 Topic  International Volunteer Day

 Description of the event  We organized  FADFED activity with United Nations Volunteer during International Volunteer Day additionally to (fadfed + For9a ) both, topic were about volunteerism, motives and obstacles. FADFED volunteers were committed although the environment were uncomfortable due to limitation in space. the best advantage were marketing of FADFED as it was the only initiative who really had something to practice during the IVD event.

 Number of participants    +300

 Number of comments    180

 Number of white sheets  31

 Featured comments 

-  because i love my country, i wish the best for it, and i love volunteering.

- A question worth asking: As long as there is Volunteer work and everything is provided, then why is the situation that bad.