New t-shirt FADFED Team

The FADFED team worked hard this week on finalising the new design of the t-shirt of the FADFED team.

During new events, all team members will wear the recognisable green t-shirts with on the front side the logo and the the hashtag to follow FADFED on Twitter.

The back-side shows some of the best, funniest and memorable comments that were made in 2012. Thumbs up for the new t-shirts!


t-shirt back fadfed

t-shirt fadfed

On violence and drugs (5/2013)


 When  May 2013

 Where    Ajloun

 Topic  On violence and drugs

 Description of event : …………..

 Number of participants  500+

 Number of Comments 371   Number of white sheets :53

 Featured Comments 

-Drug attacking communities so we have to resist and absorb addicted to reformation

-smile to better life without drugs

-my country is better without drugs


 Photos  Here