On censorship (30-8-2012)



 When  30 August 2012

 Where   Rainbow Street

 Topic  Censorship and internet restriction

 Description of event : “Are you with and against blocking the websites” was the question asked. The topic was an excellent FADFED question: it was 50% – 50% in terms of for and against. People were really debating.

 Number of participants  300+

 Number of Comments   200+     Number of white sheets : 30

 Featured Comments :

-Instead of censoring websites, we should be censoring the House of Representatives

– Yes we should block all websites that simply affects morality (=porn websites).

– I know how to protect myself, I don’t need anyone to protect me.

– In the beginning websites are blocked, but we will end up limiting our freedoms.


On employment (17/8/2012)



 When  17 August  2012

 Where   Ajloun castle / Ajloun

 Topic  Employment and Unemployment

 Description of event : There were many young people out and about, who all showed great interest in topic “unemployment”.  Ajloun has always been challenged with unemployment, in particular among young people and therefore is a very important topic to discuss.

 Number of participants  250

 Number of Comments   203     Number of white sheets : 29

 Featured Comments :

–          Unemployment is not a new phenomenon to Jordan; it has been around since the time of our ancestors until now.

–          The main cause of unemployment is wasta and nepotism.

–          If you are unemployed, go to the army.

–          Unemployment is people’s culture in Jordan.

 Photos   on.fb.me/Sq5WvQ




On Diversity (9/8/2012)



 When  9 August  2012

 Where   Festival Amman Fe Ramadan

 Topic  Diversity and pluralism: what’s your opinion?

 Description of event : Our FADFED event was held on a night that a famous singer Ahat performed, what resulted in thousands of people gathering that evening for entertainment. We were able to talk to the crowd before his performance for 5 minutes to tell about FADFED and invited everyone over. Even the famous singer ended up sharing his thoughts on the topic of that evening “Diversity”.

 Number of participants  200+

 Number of Comments   161     Number of white sheets : 23

 Featured Comments :

– My dad is from Jordan, my mom from Palestine, should I hate my mom?
– Diversity is blending personalities, minds and spirits.
– I want to get married.

 Photos   on.fb.me/XackPD