On freedom (24/10/2012)


 When  24 October  2012

 Where   Jordan University/ Amman

 Topic  Freedom

 Description of event : It was busy event that took place during the day at the time that many students were on campus going to and coming from their lectures and labs. Because the event was held at the university, the ideas and thoughts shared were more focused on the university environment (freedom at the university) than freedoms in general.

 Number of participants  200+

 Number of Comments   168     Number of white sheets : 24

 Featured Comments :

–          Dear lecturer, you are free to lecture, but you are not free to keep me in the class till late.

–          Please teach me physics (instead of memorizing), it is my right to learn.

–          You are free to drive, but you are not free to block the streets.

–          Sharia laws do not restrict the freedom of the people, but is our way to live in peace.

–          You are free to smoke, but it harasses me.

 Photos   on.fb.me/ TK97A7




On censorship (30-8-2012)



 When  30 August 2012

 Where   Rainbow Street

 Topic  Censorship and internet restriction

 Description of event : “Are you with and against blocking the websites” was the question asked. The topic was an excellent FADFED question: it was 50% – 50% in terms of for and against. People were really debating.

 Number of participants  300+

 Number of Comments   200+     Number of white sheets : 30

 Featured Comments :

-Instead of censoring websites, we should be censoring the House of Representatives

– Yes we should block all websites that simply affects morality (=porn websites).

– I know how to protect myself, I don’t need anyone to protect me.

– In the beginning websites are blocked, but we will end up limiting our freedoms.