On elections (1/11/2012)


 When  1 Novembre  2012

 Where   Rainbow Street/ Amman

 Topic  Elections

 Description of event : We went back to Rainbow Street to target as many people as possible. Because we expected a higher turnout, we made sure we had seven people in our team to facilitate the discussion on paper.

 Number of participants  250+

 Number of Comments   203    Number of white sheets : 29

 Featured Comments :

–          I will not vote until the electoral law is amended for the better.

–          I will not vote because no one deserves it

–          I am going to vote, so I chose someone who better represents me

–          I wish that the House of Representatives are genuinely elected, and not appointed.

–          I will not vote because the parliamentarians are already chosen before I even vote.

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On women challenges (25/10/2012)


 When  25 October  2012

 Where   Euromed Project Ghor al Mazraa

 Topic  Women and their challenges in the society

 Description of event : The topic focused on the obstacles, challenges and the stories of young women facing gender inequality in Jordan, and regionally in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The team and representatives from NGOs plus the local community in Ghor Al Mazraa participated in this FADFED event

 Number of participants 

 Number of Comments   35     Number of white sheets : 5

 Featured Comments :

Suggestions were given how to improve the lives of women in local communities in Jordan:

–          Education

–          Open discussions

–          Let the royal family live here for five days

–          More funds: financial help with health care

–          I need a building to live in with my family

–          Because the women are working at the ranch, the children are left alone and grow up without any parental care.

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On freedom (24/10/2012)


 When  24 October  2012

 Where   Jordan University/ Amman

 Topic  Freedom

 Description of event : It was busy event that took place during the day at the time that many students were on campus going to and coming from their lectures and labs. Because the event was held at the university, the ideas and thoughts shared were more focused on the university environment (freedom at the university) than freedoms in general.

 Number of participants  200+

 Number of Comments   168     Number of white sheets : 24

 Featured Comments :

–          Dear lecturer, you are free to lecture, but you are not free to keep me in the class till late.

–          Please teach me physics (instead of memorizing), it is my right to learn.

–          You are free to drive, but you are not free to block the streets.

–          Sharia laws do not restrict the freedom of the people, but is our way to live in peace.

–          You are free to smoke, but it harasses me.

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On elections (28/9/2012)


 When  28 sept 2012

 Where   Paris Circle / Weibdeh

 Topic   On elections

 Description of event 

Number of participants  150+

 Number of Comments   100     Number of white sheets :145

 Featured Comments :

–        No one deserves my vote.

–        Did I look carefully into the initiative you share with me? The most important is the House of Representatives.

–        I will not vote because I did it before and that time it was useless.

–        I ought to vote, while the House of Representatives is a fraud.





On employment (17/8/2012)



 When  17 August  2012

 Where   Ajloun castle / Ajloun

 Topic  Employment and Unemployment

 Description of event : There were many young people out and about, who all showed great interest in topic “unemployment”.  Ajloun has always been challenged with unemployment, in particular among young people and therefore is a very important topic to discuss.

 Number of participants  250

 Number of Comments   203     Number of white sheets : 29

 Featured Comments :

–          Unemployment is not a new phenomenon to Jordan; it has been around since the time of our ancestors until now.

–          The main cause of unemployment is wasta and nepotism.

–          If you are unemployed, go to the army.

–          Unemployment is people’s culture in Jordan.

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