Banning Argileh in Public spaces

 When  30 January 2014

 Where  Ras Al Ain Hungar, Amman

 Topic  Banning Argileh in Public spaces

 Description of the event  We organized a FADFED activity in Ras Al Ain Hangar last month, simultaneously with the Huge event of Diwanieh ” public debate” which addressed the topic of banning argileh in public spaces, where decision makers and political party members took part and shared their influential opinions on our fadfed white sheets in Ras al Ain Hangar

 Number of participants    100

 Number of comments    150

 Number of white sheets  30

 Featured comments 

-  There will never be a substitute for Argileh; ever.

- I don’t smoke shisha or cigarettes, but i’m completely against banning this law.

- Why don’t they ban Argileh and Night clubs; both at the same time.

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International Volunteer Day

 When  5 December 2013

 Where  Ras Al Ain Hungar, Amman

 Topic  International Volunteer Day

 Description of the event  We organized  FADFED activity with United Nations Volunteer during International Volunteer Day additionally to (fadfed + For9a ) both, topic were about volunteerism, motives and obstacles. FADFED volunteers were committed although the environment were uncomfortable due to limitation in space. the best advantage were marketing of FADFED as it was the only initiative who really had something to practice during the IVD event.

 Number of participants    +300

 Number of comments    180

 Number of white sheets  31

 Featured comments 

-  because i love my country, i wish the best for it, and i love volunteering.

- A question worth asking: As long as there is Volunteer work and everything is provided, then why is the situation that bad.




On participatory democracy (13/11/2013)

 When  13 November 2013

 Where  Intercontinental Hotel, Amman

 Topic  Participatory democracy

 Description of the event  We’ve been invited to the conference about participatory democracy to organize a live democracy exercise where people had the possibility to express themselves on main topics of the event. A team of 6 volunteers attend the conference and got involved in creating the right circumstances to have good comments for the final analysis, presented the day after. At the end all participants were satisfied and convinced of this new democracy way of expression.

 Number of participants    20

 Number of comments    40

 Number of white sheets  8

 Featured comments 

-  The challenges to involve citizens in an active Public participation in Jordan is to be able to communicate with decision-makers

- Prioritizing sectors in citizens involvement should be according to needs

- The ignorance of the meaning of democracy and public participating between citizens is a big challenge in Jordan




EVS Intern from Italy to join FADFED team

A big welcome to Giorgio who is the EVS intern of Leaders of Tomorrow for four months in 2013! He joins the FADFED Team and contributes with his knowledge and experience woking in the youth sector to bring FADFED  to a new level.





On Press Law (4/7/2013)


 When  4 July  2013

 Where    Roman Theatre – downtown, Amman, JO

 Topic  New Press and Publication Law in Jordan

 Description of event : …………..

 Number of participants  300+

 Number of Comments 231   Number of white sheets : 33

 Featured Comments 

-Because it has become in the media a lot of exaggeration in the selection of the information on the Internet 50% true and 50% of it cause strife

-No for restrictions on websites

-I’m with press law Every profession needs to organized and organization is not derogation of freedom


 Photos  Here



New t-shirt FADFED Team

The FADFED team worked hard this week on finalising the new design of the t-shirt of the FADFED team.

During new events, all team members will wear the recognisable green t-shirts with on the front side the logo and the the hashtag to follow FADFED on Twitter.

The back-side shows some of the best, funniest and memorable comments that were made in 2012. Thumbs up for the new t-shirts!


t-shirt back fadfed

t-shirt fadfed

On violence and drugs (5/2013)


 When  May 2013

 Where    Ajloun

 Topic  On violence and drugs

 Description of event : …………..

 Number of participants  500+

 Number of Comments 371   Number of white sheets :53

 Featured Comments 

-Drug attacking communities so we have to resist and absorb addicted to reformation

-smile to better life without drugs

-my country is better without drugs


 Photos  Here



On parliamentary elections (13/1/2013)


 When  13 January  2013

 Where   Hangar Gallery in Ras Al Ain, Amman

 Topic  Parliamentary elections

 Description of event : In total over 800 participants were present during both days of whom many wrote their comments and ideas.

 Number of participants  800

 Number of Comments       Number of white sheets :

 Featured Comments :

 Photos  here